Young Conservationists Night at Rowallan Scout Camp, Nairobi, Kenya

The event brought over 10 youth conservationists drawn from various agencies and fields. These included early career wildlife veterinary practitioners, academic tutorial fellows, botanists, ornithologists, herpetologists, mammalogists and environmental scientists. The camp was hosted by Nature Kenya Youth.

Participants engaging in a peer-to-peer learning session

Young conservationists on a late evening nature walk at Rowallan Scout Camp

Rowallan Scout Camp is located along Kibera Drive, off Ngong Road Forest Reserve and approximately 9 kilometres from the city centre. The facility offers a conducive environment fro those wishing to camp, picnic, run and detach from the fast city life. It has a number of camping spots, shower facilities, nature trails, caves and a cafeteria. Rowallan Scout Camp also offers competitive packages for wedding grounds, conference facilities and team building grounds. One can also encounter diverse biodiversity including a myriad of plants (trees, shrub, grasses, moss and lichen), squirrels, Sykes’ monkeys (Cercopithecus albogularis), olive baboons (Papio anubis), a wide array of birds and butterflies.

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