Baruk Yadihm is a sustainable community based organisation with the aim of promoting natural based solutions towards a resilient environment and vibrant socio-economic society. Dubbed “Blessed Hands” in Hebrew, Baruk Yadiym endeavours to champion globally sound experiential environmental education and capacity development programs in the local contest, thus ensuring sustainability and acceptance.

In so doing, community members will not only champion local solutions but also global initiatives geared at addressing present and emerging challenges thus ensuring ecological integrity for present and future generations; an economically empowered self reliant citizenry; and peaceful society.

We work with like-minded formal, informal and non-formal education institutions; policy sector players; media and outreach; all with the vision of empowering communities, inspiring change, and transforming societies.

Our scope is not only Kenya, but the global south and entire globe at large through partnerships. Our mandate is cross-cutting and engages with the green economy; blue economy, brown economy and information economy among others.